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Apple Mobile Overview

About Apple iPhones

Apple is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1976, Apple started its journey by manufacturing and selling personal computers. Apple embarked on the journey of mobile phones in 2007 by releasing its first smartphone. Since then, Apple has launched many mobile phones globally.

Apple targets the high-end market thereby leading a large part of the luxury market. This strategy has helped Apple in becoming one of the world’s most valuable companies. Apple is also credited with popularizing mobile phones and mobile app stores.

Apple’s iPhones come pre-installed with Apple’s proprietary operating system i.e. iOS. iOS is regularly updated and offers many unique features as well as apps for daily use. iOS is well known for its tight control aspects and closed nature. This makes iPhones less prone to hacking. Also, most iPhones come with a SIM lock making it restricted to particular carriers.

Notably, iPhones come with a non-removable battery and a third-party replacement kit can be used in case the original battery dies. These battery kits are cheaper than Apple’s own battery replacement program. Most iPhones have built-in storage memory without any option for a memory card.

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the best-selling smartphones in the world. Both have been sold over 220 million times.

Apple lacks a major mobile phone market share in Pakistan as Apple iPhone prices in Pakistan are usually higher. Thus, people preferring luxury products enjoy having iPhones. The trend is changing as older iPhones are becoming in the range of a large number of customers in Pakistan.

Are iPhone Prices Worth the Money?

The prices of Apple iPhones in Pakistan differ from those in other countries. iPhones are more expensive in Pakistan due to import duties and other taxes. Because the government wants to protect the local smartphone industry.

The Pakistani smartphone industry is still in its infancy. The government wants to ensure that local firms have a chance to compete with global giants such as Apple and Samsung.

In Pakistan, the high taxes on iPhones have sparked debate. Some argue that the government should lower iPhone taxes to make them more affordable. But, the government has shown no signs of lowering taxes anytime soon.

Apple iPhone prices are influenced by many factors. These include material costs, assembly costs, marketing costs, and distribution costs.

The cost of materials includes the price of the components used in the iPhone. The assembly cost includes labour cost of putting the phone together. And, marketing and distribution costs include the costs associated with advertising and shipping.

The profit margin of Apple is also taken into account when determining iPhone prices. Apple’s products are typically more expensive with a higher profit margin. For example, the profit margin on the iPhone 8 is estimated to be around 36%. While the Samsung Galaxy S9’s profit margin is estimated to be around 17%.