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Coolpad Mobile Overview

Coolpad is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company specializing in telecommunications equipment. In 2012, Coolpad became one of the biggest manufacturers and sellers of 4G smartphones in China.

About Coolpad Mobiles

Coolpad began producing mobile phones in 2002. Along with Lenovo, Huawei, and ZTE, Coolpad was one of the top brands that Chinese consumers would purchase on the domestic market in 2012.

Coolpad was mentioned in Forbes’ Asia’s Fab(ulous) 50 Companies, in 2015. With 5 R&D Centers, Coolpad Group Limited owns more than 13,000 patents. Coolpad products are committed to ongoing technological innovation with a user-centric approach, with 40% of their personnel devoted to R&D.

Are Coolpad Mobile Prices Worth the Money?

Most Coolpad mobile phones are mid-range devices with justifiable prices. Notably, you may experience some minor bugs in Coolpad mobiles as reported by users.