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Apple Aims to Elevate iPhone 15 Pro into Premier Gaming Console with A17 Pro Chip

  • Updated: 17 September 2023
  • | Apple

Apple has set its sights on making the iPhone 15 Pro a premier gaming device, leveraging its A17 Pro chip, which emphasizes substantial GPU performance improvements. With a new "pro-class" GPU featuring a 6-core design, Apple promises not only enhanced performance but also improved energy efficiency. Gamers can anticipate up to 20% faster GPU performance and the introduction of hardware-accelerated ray tracing, marking a significant step forward in mobile gaming capabilities.

In an interview with IGN, key Apple executives shed light on their strategy. Tim Millet, VP of Platform Architecture, emphasized thatL

Apple's primary goal isn't to directly compete with established gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S. Instead, the focus is on creating a platform and providing developers with the necessary tools to cater to their needs. By doing so, Apple aims to cultivate a rich ecosystem of gaming experiences, ensuring that both developers and gamers benefit.

Responding to concerns about overheating and maintaining peak performance during intensive gaming sessions, Kaiann Drance, VP of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, explained that:

Apple's design approach centers on optimizing performance for a specific iPhone model. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of how performance translates to real-world gameplay and ensures that high frame rates and graphics quality are consistently achieved. Apple places significant emphasis on the System on a Chip (SoC) and software to ensure a satisfying gaming experience.

Jeremy Sandmel, Apple's Senior Director of GPU Software, underscored the importance of accessibility and convenience in gaming, stating that: "the best game console is the one you have with you." In this regard, Apple aims to make the iPhone 15 Pro the ultimate gaming console, offering an unparalleled gaming experience on a mobile device.

Apple's decision to grant an interview to IGN indicates its commitment to expanding its presence in the gaming world. By venturing outside of its traditional marketing channels, Apple aims to engage with a gaming-oriented audience. The iPhone 15 Pro, coupled with the A17 Pro chip, represents Apple's ambitious stride into gaming, raising expectations for the future of mobile gaming on its devices.