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Apple iPhone 16 show it might look really different

  • Updated: 15 December 2023
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Apple iPhone 16

Whispers of the distant iPhone 16, codenamed "DeLorean," have begun to surface, hinting at a potential design shift for the base model. Leaked prototypes, courtesy of MacRumors, peek into two distinct directions for the series' aesthetic and functionality.

One prototype, bathed in sunshine yellow, sports a camera reminiscent of the iPhone X, with a vertical pill housing two lenses. This departure from recent uniformity suggests Apple's willingness to explore fresh visual territory for the upcoming iteration. Notably, the yellow prototype also ditches the traditional separate volume buttons for a unified rocker, streamlining physical controls for a cleaner look.

Adding a spark of innovation, all three prototypes boast capacitive Action Buttons perched above the volume rocker. The black model takes center stage with a generously sized button, further amplified by a novel feature a second capacitive Capture Button below the power key.

Internally dubbed "Project Nova," this button whispers promises of force touch feedback and dedicated camera shutter functionality. If implemented, it could revolutionize the iPhone 16's photography experience.

These prototypes paint a tantalizing picture of the iPhone 16's potential, but remember, the final design might undergo transformations before its grand unveiling. Apple aficionados eagerly await further details as the development of this highly anticipated lineup unfolds.

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