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Dubai Attracts iPhone 15 Enthusiasts from Pakistan and India

  • Updated: 17 September 2023
  • | Apple
iPhone 15 Pre-Order

Dubai has become a hub for tech enthusiasts from around the world eager to secure the latest iPhone models at favorable prices. With pre-orders opening on the official website at 4 pm, international visitors are flocking to the city for this coveted opportunity. The appeal lies in Dubai's lower taxes and the accessibility of iPhones at more affordable rates. Travelers from countries such as India, Pakistan, and Europe are seizing the chance to avoid hefty taxes on these devices in their home countries.

In regions like India and Pakistan, iPhones often come with a significant price tag due to high taxes. For instance, the iPhone Pro model can cost users more than Rs. 200,000/- extra in Pakistan. To mitigate these expenses, Ibrahim, an iPhone enthusiast who arrived in Dubai from Karachi, expressed the significance of this visit. Having lived and worked in the UAE for 12 years, he's still a resident who frequently visits Dubai for both business and leisure. He considers this visit particularly special, as he hopes to receive the new iPhone model on its first day of delivery. Numerous friends and family members have entrusted him with securing the latest iPhones on their behalf.

Abdul Badi from Hyderabad, India, traveled to Dubai to pre-book iPhones, intending to purchase multiple units for his family. He noted that demand in India is exceptionally high, making it uncertain whether he could secure one.

Even European tourists are taking advantage of Dubai's appeal. One visitor, who arrived last week, highlighted the substantial demand for iPhones in his home country, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of purchasing the devices in Dubai.

Dubai's status as a tax-efficient shopping destination has made it an international hot spot for iPhone enthusiasts eager to embrace the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Notably, Apple recently instroduced iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Plus in the "Wonderlust" event.