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Experience the Future of Mobile Charging at CES 2024: Infinix Unveils AirCharge & Extreme-Temp Battery

  • Updated: 17 December 2023
  • | Infinix
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Dive into a world where wires are a thing of the past and batteries conquer the harshest climates. Infinix, a pioneer in innovative tech solutions, is gearing up to unveil two game-changing technologies at CES 2024: AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery.

AirCharge: Wireless Charging Redefined

Forget about tangled cables and misplaced charging pads. Infinix AirCharge is here to liberate your devices from the shackles of wires. This revolutionary technology allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet, or even laptop** without physically touching a charging pad**. Imagine placing your phone on your desk and watching it power up, even when tilted at an angle.

How does it work? Infinix's AirCharge leverages cutting-edge multi-coil magnetic resonance technology and intelligent algorithms to beam energy through the air over a distance of up to 20 centimeters. This means you can charge your device even while you're using it, playing games, or watching videos.

Safety first: User safety is paramount for Infinix. AirCharge operates at a low frequency below 6.78MHz, ensuring reliable charging power of up to 7.5W without compromising safety. Advanced circuitry with end-to-end Resonance and Over Voltage Protection (OVP) safeguards your devices, even when the distance or position changes rapidly.

Liang Zhang, Deputy General Manager at Infinix, says: "What was once science fiction is now reality. We're committed to practicality and user safety as we push the boundaries of wireless charging. By focusing on multi-coil resonance technology, we aim to revolutionize how we charge our smart devices."

Extreme-Temp Battery: Powering Through the Cold

Ever experienced your phone dying in the freezing cold? Infinix has your back with the Extreme-Temp Battery. This groundbreaking battery conquers the limitations of traditional lithium-ion batteries, which struggle to function in extreme temperatures.

The secret sauce? Infinix has partnered with industry leaders to develop a revolutionary battery featuring biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state technology. This innovative combination allows the Extreme-Temp Battery to perform flawlessly in temperatures as low as -40°C. That's right, your phone will stay powered even on the coldest mountaintops!

With a charging temperature range of -40°C to 60°C, the Extreme-Temp Battery is the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who lives in harsh climates.

Infinix: A Legacy of Innovation

Infinix has a long history of pushing the boundaries of charging technology. From the blazing-fast 180W Thunder Charge to the versatile 260W All-Round FastCharge, Infinix continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower users and simplify their lives.

Mark your calendars for CES 2024 and get ready to witness the future of mobile charging with Infinix AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery. Prepare to say goodbye to tangled wires and embrace a world of wireless freedom and unyielding power, no matter the temperature.