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Galaxy A71 Receives September 2023 Security Upgrade

  • Updated: 17 September 2023
  • | Samsung
Galaxy A71 Receives September 2023 Security Upgrade - PriceToday

In a swift and proactive move to bolster security, Samsung is now extending its latest security update to the Galaxy A71. The rollout follows a similar update for devices like the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A72, and several other high-end models.

This new security update, designated with firmware version A715FXXU8CVI3, is currently being distributed. Users can anticipate a download size of approximately 485MB. The primary focus of this update is to incorporate the critical September 2023 security patch, which addresses over 60 vulnerabilities identified in the previous software version. In addition to the security enhancements, it may also encompass various bug fixes and improvements to enhance the device's overall reliability.

For Galaxy A71 owners, accessing this vital update is a straightforward process. To check for the availability of the update, simply navigate to your device's settings, click on "Software update," and then tap "Download and install." Alternatively, those with technical expertise can choose to manually download the firmware from our comprehensive database and flash it onto their devices using a Windows PC in conjunction with the Odin tool.

The Galaxy A71, initially launched by Samsung in early 2020 with Android 10, has consistently received substantial software updates. This included an upgrade to Android 11 in early 2021, followed by Android 12 in late 2021, and finally, the Android 13 update in late 2022. However, it's worth noting that the device will not be eligible for the upcoming Android 14 update.

This timely security enhancement for the Galaxy A71 underscores Samsung's commitment to safeguarding its users and ensuring that their devices remain resilient to potential threats, delivering a seamless and secure mobile experience.