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Infinix releases a new phone called Note 40 5G. It has a special chip inside called Dimensity 7020.

Note 40

Infinix just released a new phone in the Philippines called the Infinix Note 40 5G. This phone has a lot of storage space, 512 GB, which is more than most other phones in its group.


The Note 40 5G is a combination of two other phones in the series. It looks like the regular Note 40 but has the powerful Dimensity 7020 chip like the Note 40 Pro. The screen is big, 6.78 inches, with a high-quality display and tough glass.


On the back of the phone, there's a main camera with a high resolution of 108 MP, along with two extra cameras that aren't very useful. The front camera for selfies has a 32 MP sensor.


The battery in the Note 40 5G is pretty big, 5,000mAh, and charges fast with a wire (33W) or wirelessly (15W). You can also use a special magnetic case and charger to attach to the back. There's also a small extra battery pack you can attach.


This phone comes with a special chip to manage power, making sure it charges quickly and safely. It's the first Infinix Note 40 with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. You can buy it in three colors: Black, Gold, and Green for PHP 13,999.


If you buy the phone between May 23-25, you can get it for a cheaper price of PHP 9,999.