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Infinix Soars: A Youthful Tech Brand Takes Flight

  • Updated: 20 December 2023
  • | Infinix
Infinix Smashed Q3

A Star is Born (in the Smartphone Galaxy)

Infinix, a rising star in the smart technology realm, has taken the world by storm in Q3 2023. According to IDC, they've rocketed into the coveted top 10 global smartphone brands by shipments, achieving the largest year-on-year increase of any competitor – a staggering 74.8% growth! This meteoric rise reflects Infinix's unwavering commitment to democratizing cutting-edge tech for the young and tech-savvy.

Tailored Tech for Tomorrow's Trendsetters

Infinix understands the pulse of Gen Z, crafting devices that seamlessly blend cutting-edge tech with bold, youthful style. Their latest offerings, like the GT 10 Pro and ZERO 30 series, have garnered rave reviews for their affordability, powerful gaming capabilities, and vlogging-ready features.

"We are driven by the desire to empower today's youth with the tools they need to express themselves and explore their passions," explains Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix. "Our dedication to innovation, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction is the fuel propelling our growth."

Conquering the Globe, One Gen Z Heart at a Time

Infinix's impact isn't limited to numbers. They've carved a niche in over 70 markets, captivating young minds with groundbreaking technologies like the ZERO 30 5G's pioneering Ultra HD (4K/60FPS) front camera and the cyberpunk-inspired GT 10 Pro, a gaming powerhouse.

Strategic Partnerships: Amplifying the Infinix Wave

Smart collaborations have been instrumental in Infinix's ascension. Partnering with the Italian Pavilion at the Venice International Film Festival, they championed smartphone storytelling through vlogging, while designating the GT 10 Pro as the official device for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship cemented their gaming prowess. Collaborations with Mobile Legends, FreeFire, and Sound by JBL further solidified their connection with diverse audiences.

Emerging Markets and Beyond: A Global Vision

While dominating emerging markets like Nigeria, Indonesia, and the Philippines, Infinix hasn't forgotten their global ambitions. Recognizing the importance of venturing into developed markets, they're building a robust e-commerce foundation for direct and cost-effective reach.