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iPhone 15 Pro Max: Surprising Charging Speeds Under the Microscope

  • Updated: 6 February 2024
  • | Apple
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max's charging capabilities have sparked debate, with new data challenging conventional views. While Apple officially cites 20W charging, a recent independent test throws a curveball, hinting at the phone's hidden potential.

Equipped with a 4,441mAh battery, the iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with a standard 20W charger endorsed by Apple. However, pushing the boundaries, a test utilized a 30W USB-C charger paired with Apple's official cable, revealing unexpected results.

Kicking off at 1%, the phone blazed past Apple's stated limit, reaching nearly 26W in the first 17 minutes. This suggests compatibility with higher wattage chargers, potentially unlocking faster and more efficient charging.

After this initial burst, the rate settled at around 21W until the 30-minute mark. Another dip brought it down to 15W, holding steady until roughly 42 minutes.

Then came a dramatic plunge to approximately 8W around the 47-minute mark, which remained for another 10 minutes before gradually tapering off. This pattern implies that Apple's 20W claim might be understated, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max capable of handling higher charging speeds initially.

However, similar to other smartphones, the pace inevitably slows down as the battery nears full capacity. This industry-wide practice prioritizes long-term battery health, ensuring optimal performance over time.


Overall, the test debunks myths surrounding the iPhone 15 Pro Max's sluggish charging, showcasing unexpectedly fast initial speeds. Yet, it also confirms the standard practice of throttling down as the battery approaches its limit. This nuanced picture, highlighting both potential and industry norms, offers a fresh perspective on the iPhone 15 Pro Max's charging capabilities.