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iPhone 16 Pro is also expected to have a new A18 chip

  • Updated: 25 November 2023
  • | Apple
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Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reaffirmed his earlier prediction that Apple's upcoming iPhone 16 Pro will feature a groundbreaking quad-reflective zoom camera, offering users enhanced photographic capabilities. This cutting-edge technology, exclusively supplied by Largan, has reportedly experienced a significant boost in production yield, setting the stage for Apple's Pro lineup to remain at the forefront of camera innovation.

In alignment with Kuo's forecast, Largan, the sole supplier of this innovative camera technology, has reportedly improved its production yield from 40% to 70% in the third quarter of 2023. This substantial increase in production efficiency positions Largan for profitability in 2024 and ensures a steady supply of this crucial component for Apple's flagship devices.

Further bolstering Apple's dominance in the smartphone camera realm, shipments of iPhones equipped with the quad-reflective camera are projected to witness a remarkable 160% yearly growth, contributing significantly to the continued success of Apple's premium device segment.

Kuo's insights also extend to Largan's strategic partnerships, revealing that Huawei will emerge as a prominent client for the company's zoom cameras in 2024. Recognizing Huawei's position as one of the fastest-growing brands in periscope demand alongside Apple, Kuo anticipates substantial shipments for Huawei's P70, P70 Pro, and P70 Art models.

These latest Huawei smartphones, slated for mass production in the first half of 2024, will boast periscope cameras and in-house Kirin chips, marking a significant advancement in Huawei's smartphone offerings.

Furthermore, Kuo's predictions indicate that the P70 series is poised for exceptional success, with an estimated 100% growth in shipments year over year compared to its predecessor, the P60. Bolstered by Largon's immense boost in production for 120mm zoomers, Apple might experience similar growth results, further solidifying its leadership in the premium smartphone market.

As Apple continues to drive innovation in smartphone camera technology, consumers can eagerly anticipate the advent of the iPhone 16 Pro series, promising a new era of advanced zoom capabilities and enhanced photography experiences that will redefine mobile photography.