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Oppo A3 Pro Gets Multiple Certifications, Setting the Stage for Global Launch

  • Updated: 22 May 2024
  • | Oppo
Oppo A3 Pro Gets Multiple Certifications, Setting the Stage for Global Launch

The Oppo A3 Pro 5G was released in China a couple of weeks ago, and now it's getting ready to launch worldwide. People outside of China will soon be able to see this new model. The global release is expected soon because the Oppo A3 Pro has recently received several international certifications.

In Indonesia, the SDPPI has approved the model with the code 'CPH2639,' making it ready for launch there. In Europe, the certification from Eurofins also indicates that the A3 Pro is ready for release, as its model number is listed there too.

Eurofins' certification shows that the global version of the A3 Pro has the same specs as the Chinese version, including fast charging options of 10W, 20W, and up to 45W. It also mentions a 5000mAh battery, suggesting that the global and Chinese versions are very similar.

Looking at the Chinese version’s specs gives a good idea of what the new phone will be like. The Oppo A3 Pro has a stylish design with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, curved edges, and a circular camera setup. It features a 64 MP main camera and a 2 MP depth sensor, which are quite impressive.

The phone is powered by a Dimensity 7050 chip, making it suitable for power users. It comes with 8GB to 12GB of RAM. The A3 Pro also stands out with its 120Hz refresh rate, WiFi 6, and Bluetooth 5.3, features that power users will appreciate. The global version of the Oppo A3 Pro will have all these features too.