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Oppo Reno11 Series Embraces Health-Centric Upgrade: No Bracelets Needed

  • Updated: 28 December 2023
  • | Oppo
OPPO Reno 11

The Oppo Reno11 series, fresh off its November 23rd launch, just received a game-changing health upgrade, pushing the boundaries of what smartphones can do. Ditch the extra gadgets – Oppo proudly unveiled ways to directly measure heart rate and monitor sleep right from your Reno11, ditching the need for bulky bracelets or watches.

Instead of relying on external tech, the Reno11 series leverages its built-in IMU sensor and analyzes the heartbeat rhythm signal (BCG) for accurate heart rate readings. Simply press your phone gently against your chest for 15 seconds, and voila! No fuss, no extra gear – just vital heart data at your fingertips.

But the health perks don't stop there. The Reno11 Pro packs a sleep monitoring powerhouse. Nestling your phone near your pillow unlocks a treasure trove of insights, including sleep stages, heart rate, breathing patterns, and even snoring detection. This comprehensive sleep analysis gives you a holistic picture of your nighttime slumber, paving the way for healthier habits.

Attention, snore detectives! This advanced sleep monitoring, including snoring detection, is exclusive to the Oppo Reno11 Pro. For the ultimate snore sleuthing, you can even activate the microphone function for an even more detailed sleep analysis.

To keep you motivated and connected, the Oppo Reno11s bring in a social twist with their new health-sharing feature. Now, you can share your health milestones and progress with friends and family, creating a supportive community of wellness warriors. Plus, the dedicated "Health" app on the Reno series makes accessing your heart rate and sleep data a breeze.

The health-centric focus of the Reno11 lineup could spark a smartphone industry revolution. As people become increasingly health-conscious, integrating health monitoring apps and sensors directly into phones holds immense potential. Who knows, the future might see our smartphones becoming our ultimate health companions!