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Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G Prepares for HyperOS Takeover: A Fresh Android 13 Experience Awaits!

  • Updated: 13 December 2023
  • | Xiaomi
redmi note 11 pro

Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G users, rejoice! Xiaomi is prepping to unleash a HyperOS upgrade, breathing new life into your budget-friendly champion. Whispers from within Xiaomi's servers, captured by GSMChina, reveal a test build of HyperOS waiting in the wings, hinting at an imminent official rollout.

Get ready for firmware versions OS1.0.0.1.TGDMIXM and OS1.0.0.1.TGDEUXM to grace your device, currently undergoing rigorous testing. These builds promise a feature-packed update that will elevate your Note 11 Pro 4G experience.

Xiaomi keeps its promise of two-year platform updates for the Note series, and the HyperOS update, built on top of Android 13, ensures your device remains relevant even after launching with Android 11.

Mark your calendars for Q2 2024, as that's when GSMChina expects the official rollout. HyperOS Pilot Testers will likely be the first ones to get