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Reports Emerge of iPhone 15 Overheating Across All Models

  • Updated: 27 September 2023
  • | Apple
iPhone 15 Overheating

Widespread concerns are emerging regarding the iPhone 15, with users reporting overheating issues that seem to affect all four models of the latest Apple smartphone. Infrared camera measurements have revealed temperatures soaring as high as 116°F (46.7°C). Some owners have expressed that their iPhones become too hot to handle even with a protective case, including tech enthusiast Ian Zelbo from 9to5Mac.

The problem appears to manifest during various scenarios, with some users experiencing excessive heat while charging their devices through a wired connection. Zelbo, in his account, described his iPhone 15 Pro Max as nearly too hot to touch during fast charging, with the left side and back of the left side being particularly affected. The issue seemed most severe between 25% and 60% battery capacity but improved beyond 70%.

Notably, some individuals have encountered overheating problems while not charging, even during light tasks such as social media browsing. While it's customary for iPhones to warm up within the first 24 hours following setup due to background processes like app reinstallation and re-indexing, these reports extend beyond the initial setup phase.

Korean YouTuber BullsLab conducted tests using a Forward-Looking InfraRed (FLIR) camera, commonly known as a thermal imaging camera. These tests visually represented the detected temperatures, capturing readings as high as 116°F (46.7°C), particularly during resource-intensive activities like benchmarks and gaming.

Apple users and tech enthusiasts are closely monitoring the situation as reports of iPhone 15 overheating continue to circulate, prompting questions about the root causes and potential remedies for this concerning issue.