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Samsung Extends Self-Repair Initiative to Latin America, Empowering DIY Enthusiasts

  • Updated: 10 October 2023
  • | Samsung
Samsung Extends Self-Repair Initiative today price in pakistan

Samsung, the global tech giant, has expanded its Self-Repair initiative to Latin America, offering customers in Brazil and Mexico the opportunity to take control of their device repairs. This program, initially launched in the USA over a year ago, is inspired by EU sustainability efforts and aims to reduce electronic waste while extending the life of Galaxy devices.

The Samsung Self-Repair program allows users to purchase replacement parts and essential tools required for do-it-yourself repairs, offering an alternative to traditional repair channels. With a focus on sustainability, this initiative encourages customers to keep their Galaxy devices functioning for as long as possible.

As of the latest update, the Self-Repair program in Latin America supports various Galaxy models, including the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Under this program, Samsung is providing self-repair kits to users in Brazil and Mexico, which include essential components such as charging ports, glass back panels, and displays. These kits also come with detailed instructions and the necessary tools for disassembly. Notably, the phone screen repair kit includes a comprehensive assembly consisting of the screen, metal frame, bezel, and battery.

While Samsung has not disclosed the pricing for these repair kits in its official announcement, it remains uncertain whether the company is collaborating with a tool supplier or offering the Self-Repair kits and instructions through its website. In the USA, Samsung partnered with iFixit for this initiative, while in Europe, repair instructions were made available on the company's online portals.

In addition to the Self-Repair program, Samsung Brazil has introduced the Samsung Contigo program, which is set to expand its coverage to more countries in the region soon. Samsung Contigo enables independent repairers to access genuine parts and information, empowering them to provide reliable service to their customers.

With the expansion of the Self-Repair initiative into Latin America, Samsung continues to promote sustainability, reduce electronic waste, and empower users to take control of their device repairs, ultimately contributing to a more environmentally conscious tech industry.