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Samsung Galaxy A35 to Receive Significant Camera Upgrade

  • Updated: 27 September 2023
  • | Samsung
Samsung Galaxy A35 to Receive Significant Camera Upgrade

In a bid to keep pace with evolving smartphone photography trends, Samsung has announced an imminent camera enhancement for the soon-to-be-released Galaxy A35, succeeding the Galaxy A34.

Traditionally considered the 'middle mid-range phone,' Samsung's Galaxy A series has been known for its reliable mid-tier cameras. However, the A34 lagged behind with its older 48MP sensor, while the A54 transitioned to a more modern 50MP camera last year.

The Galaxy A35, slated for a spring 2024 release alongside the economical Galaxy A15 and the upscale Samsung Galaxy A55, is set to raise the bar with a 50MP main camera. This upgrade promises significantly improved low-light photography, addressing a notable drawback of its predecessor.

While the front camera remains a 13MP sensor, enhancements in software are expected to refine the selfie experience. This move suggests that Samsung is narrowing the gap in camera quality between the A3x and A5x series.

Release Date Anticipation

Samsung enthusiasts will need to exercise patience as the Galaxy A35 is not expected to hit Dutch and Belgian markets until spring 2024. In the interim, the current Galaxy A34 remains a commendable choice in the mid-range smartphone segment. Users can explore the best Samsung Galaxy A34 deals available at present.