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Samsung Matches Apple in US Customer Satisfaction for Personal Computers

  • Updated: 24 September 2023
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The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) annually scrutinizes the consumer electronics landscape in the US, assessing customer contentment with various product categories and brands. Among these categories is personal computers, encompassing tablets, laptops, and desktops.

For two decades, Apple consistently claimed the highest customer satisfaction ratings in this domain. However, in ACSI's latest 2022-2023 House Appliance and Electronics Study, Samsung has achieved a notable milestone by equaling Apple's customer satisfaction score of 83 points in the personal computing sector. This means that in the eyes of US consumers, Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book devices are now on par with Apple's iPad and Mac products.

This achievement marks a significant triumph for the South Korean tech giant, with Dell and HP closely trailing at 81 points and Acer at third place with 78 points.

ACSI reports a general decrease in customer satisfaction with personal computers from the previous year, but Samsung bucks this trend with an uptick in satisfaction levels. While ACSI hasn't specified the exact factors driving this improvement, it's speculated that Samsung's recent offerings, including the Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra tablets and Galaxy Book 3 series laptops, played a pivotal role.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 series boasts OLED displays and an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, a feature not found in any Apple iPad, giving Samsung a competitive edge.

Additionally, Samsung's tablets are priced more affordably than Apple's counterparts. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Book 3 lineup represents a substantial leap from the previous Galaxy Book 2 series, delivering significantly enhanced performance and an attractive feature set at a budget-friendly cost. In fact, some Galaxy Book 3 models offer top-tier hardware within their price segment.

While Samsung celebrates its surge in US customer satisfaction, the story differs in India, where customer complaints about the company's service centers are prevalent. Multiple reports highlight improper device repairs and extended turnaround times for repairs and replacements. In response, Samsung acknowledges the feedback and commits to implementing necessary changes for improved service quality in the future.

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