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Samsung Outpaces Apple in Generosity with Trade-In Deals

  • Updated: 24 September 2023
  • | Samsung

As premium smartphone prices continue to soar above the $1,000 mark, consumers are holding onto their flagship devices for longer durations. To entice yearly upgrades, smartphone companies are offering attractive trade-in incentives. In a comparison between Samsung and Apple, it's evident that Samsung is being notably more generous in this regard.

For instance, if you own a Galaxy S22 Ultra and are eyeing the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung will offer you an impressive $750 for your trade-in, coupled with a $100 instant discount on the new device. This brings the cost of the Galaxy S23 Ultra down to just $349 before taxes. In contrast, Apple's trade-in deal for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, when upgrading from the iPhone 14 Pro Max, falls short at $650, without any instant discount.

Consequently, purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro Max amounts to $549 before taxes, which is $200 more than Samsung's offering.

Samsung's trade-in values extend beyond the current year's flagship models. Even if you possess a two-year-old Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung will still grant you $625 for the trade-in, nearly matching Apple's payout for the previous year's flagship. This stark difference underscores Samsung's commitment to providing exceptional value to its loyal customer base.