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Tecno Phantom V2 Flip Unveiled by FCC with Another Look; Battery Details, Plan Schematic

  • Updated: 7 June 2024
  • | Tecno
Tecno Phantom V2 Flip

Tecno's Foldable Telephones are Flourishing

Tecno's foldable telephones are doing perfect on the lookout. Their Apparition V Flip is the most reasonable flip cell phone accessible. Individuals truly preferred the creative cover circle with cameras and a 1.32" AMOLED screen. Nonetheless, the new Tecno Apparition V2 Flip may be unique.

Sneak Look at the Tecno Ghost V2 Flip

We tracked down data about the new Ghost V2 Flip from a FCC (USA certifier) archive on the web. The record had a schematic outline of the telephone, showing a cover screen that takes up the whole upper half.

Tecno Phantom V2 Flip foldable smartphone revealed with rectangular  display- All details | Mobile News

The new plan will have two cameras standing out from the rectangular cover screen. This style is more ordinary, like other flip telephones available. While it may not look as conspicuous, it will be more viable and simpler to utilize.

Battery Subtleties and Enhancements

We additionally got additional subtleties from the FCC archive about the battery model and charger. Flip telephones generally split their batteries in two. The new Tecno Flip model has a 3310 mAh battery and a 1180 mAh battery, adding up to 4490 mAh. Tecno will probably showcase this as 4500 mAh. This is a critical improvement since flip telephones frequently have little batteries. This demonstrates the way that bigger batteries can fit assuming organizations try. Moreover, the Apparition V2 Flip will uphold 70W quick charging.