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The launch of Qi2 wireless chargers has been confirmed for this holiday season

  • Updated: 17 November 2023
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Qi2 wireless chargers-news-released

Qi2, the latest wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), was officially announced in early 2023. Although information has been scarce since the initial announcement, the WPC has recently released an official statement confirming the completion of certification testing for the first batch of Qi2 chargers. These chargers are set to reach consumers in time for the upcoming holiday season.

The Qi2 standard introduces two profiles. The first is the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), which is built on Apple's MagSafe technology—a contribution from Cupertino to the WPC. This profile supports charging speeds of up to 15W and features magnetic attachment capabilities.

The second profile is an enhanced version of the Extended Power Profile (EPP), which lacks magnetic attachment but still supports Qi2 devices, offering a doubled charging speed of 30W.

A distinctive feature of Qi2 chargers is their magnetic attachment capability, allowing them to connect securely to both iOS and Android devices, as well as wireless accessories such as earbud cases and smartwatches. According to the WPC press release, the iPhone 15 series will be among the first devices to benefit from the Qi2 standard.

Notably, accessory manufacturers like Belkin, Mophie, Anker, and Aircharge are already in the process of testing their Qi2 products, with launches expected in the near future.

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