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Xiaomi 14 Pro: Camera Specs and Impressive Features Revealed

  • Updated: 26 September 2023
  • | Xiaomi
Xiaomi 14 Pro Specks Leaked

The Xiaomi 14 Pro has become one of this year's most eagerly anticipated smartphones, and it's not hard to see why. With rumors swirling about its high-resolution display, sleek design, and enhanced camera capabilities, the excitement is building. Notably, tipster Digital Chat Station has recently divulged key details about the Xiaomi 14 Pro's camera specifications.

The latest rumors suggest that the Xiaomi 14 Pro will sport a formidable 50-megapixel 1/1.28" main camera sensor, featuring a variable aperture that can seamlessly adjust from f/1.4 to f/4.0. This variable aperture feature, previously exclusive to Xiaomi's top-of-the-line flagship, the 13 Ultra, is now making its way to the Pro variant of the 14 series. This innovation promises the ability to capture ample light, even in challenging low-light scenarios.

On the hardware front, DCS's insider information hints at the Xiaomi 14 Pro boasting a triple-camera setup, with all three cameras boasting 50-megapixel capabilities. The primary camera is expected to house a substantial 1-inch Sony IMX9xx series sensor, promising exceptional image quality. Additionally, one of the other cameras is likely to be a telemacro camera, enhancing the device's versatility.

Beyond the camera enhancements, the Xiaomi 14 Pro is slated to feature a stunning 2K display with ultra-thin bezels and a novel base material designed for enhanced eye protection. Furthermore, the device is set to impress with a high-capacity 4860mAh battery and a robust X-axis motor to elevate haptic feedback.

In other noteworthy details, previous reports have hinted at the Xiaomi 14 Pro being powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, featuring a titanium alloy frame, and offering support for satellite connectivity. The smartphone is expected to make its debut in November, setting the stage for a compelling addition to the Xiaomi lineup.