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You can watch the live announcement of the Xiaomi Poco F6 series here.

  • Updated: 23 May 2024
  • | Xiaomi
Xiaomi Poco F6 Series

Xiaomi's new telephones, the Poco F6 series, are practically here! They'll report them live today at 11AM UTC. This series will have two variants: the ordinary F6 and a fancier one called F6 Star, similar to they generally do.

These telephones are exceptional in light of the fact that they're nearly comparable to the truly costly ones yet cost less. They have solid processors, quick charging, and better cameras.

The present declaration is for everybody all over the planet. Assuming that you're in India, you can likewise watch the live occasion there.

The Poco F telephones have forever been significant for Xiaomi. Individuals anticipate that they should be reasonable and have incredible highlights. We definitely know a ton about the telephones, yet we actually need to figure out the amount they'll cost.

Sure, here's a simpler version:

Xiaomi is getting ready to show off their new phones, the Poco F6 series. They'll do it live today at 11AM UTC. There are two types: the regular F6 and a fancier one called F6 Pro.

These phones are special because they're almost as good as the really expensive ones but cost less. They have strong processors, fast charging, and better cameras.

Today's announcement is for everyone around the world. If you're in India, you can watch it live there too.

The Poco F phones have always been important for Xiaomi. People expect them to be affordable and have great features. We already know a lot about the phones, but we still need to find out how much they'll cost.