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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Price in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 price in Pakistan starts from PKR 34,490. The lowest price of Samsung Watch 3 is PKR 34,490 at HomeShopping. The Price comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 at various online stores in Pakistan is as under:

Store Product Name Price in Pakistan
PriceOyeGalaxy Watch 3 Bluetooth 45mmPKR 50,000
MegaSamsung Watch 3 45mm R840 PKR 41,901
HomeShoppingSamsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm BlackPKR 34,490
HomeShoppingSamsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm SilverPKR 45,399

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an exceptional smartwatch that offers a seamless experience and a stunning design. In this review, we will focus on the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Pakistan, highlighting its features, pros, and cons, while emphasizing its availability and cost in the Pakistani market.

Release Date and Price in Pakistan

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was initially released alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series in August 2020. As of now, the Galaxy Watch 4 series has been introduced, making the Galaxy Watch 3 slightly harder to find. However, it is still worth considering due to its impressive features.

In terms of pricing, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was initially priced at PKR 34,590 for the 41mm model and PKR 44,600 for the 45mm version. The LTE variants had higher prices, with the 41mm LTE model priced at PKR 56,800 and the 45mm LTE model at PKR 62,600. Please note that these prices may have changed since the initial release, and it is recommended to check with local retailers or online platforms for the current prices in Pakistan.

Design and Display

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has been refined compared to its predecessor, offering a slimmer and lighter profile. The watch comes in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm, catering to different wrist sizes and preferences. Both sizes feature a circular Super AMOLED display with resolutions of 360 x 360 pixels, providing a vibrant and clear viewing experience.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is available in various colors, including Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Bronze. The 45mm variant comes with stainless steel construction, while the 41mm version offers a choice of stainless steel or titanium materials. The watch’s comfort and versatility make it suitable for both casual wear and workouts.

Performance and Software

The Galaxy Watch 3 is powered by a chipset similar to the one used in the original Galaxy Watch, which may be seen as a downside by some users. However, the watch’s performance remains smooth and responsive, thanks to its 1GB of RAM. The 8GB of internal storage provides ample space for apps and music.

In terms of software, the Galaxy Watch 3 runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS 5.5. While the newer Galaxy Watch 4 series has transitioned to Wear OS, the Tizen OS on the Galaxy Watch 3 still offers a polished and reliable user experience. However, it is worth noting that the Tizen app store has a smaller selection of third-party apps compared.

Health and Fitness Features

One of the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is its comprehensive health and fitness tracking capabilities. It includes an optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, and GPS, allowing users to monitor their physical activities accurately.

The watch offers automatic workout detection for various exercises, including running, cycling, swimming, and more. It can track metrics such as distance, speed, heart rate, calories burned, and even provide real-time coaching during workouts.

The inclusion of an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor is another notable health feature. With the ECG app, users can take an electrocardiogram directly from their wrist, providing valuable insights into their heart rhythm and detecting irregularities that may require medical attention.

Additionally, the Galaxy Watch 3 includes a blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring feature, which measures the oxygen saturation level in your blood. This can be useful for individuals who want to monitor their overall health and track changes in their blood oxygen levels over time.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers both Bluetooth and LTE variants, allowing users to stay connected even when they are away from their smartphones. The LTE models enable independent calling, messaging, and internet connectivity without relying on a paired smartphone.

As for battery life, the Galaxy Watch 3’s performance can vary depending on usage and settings. On average, the watch can last up to two days with typical use. However, more intensive activities such as continuous GPS tracking and extensive app usage may require more frequent charging.

Conclusion and Availability in Pakistan

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a premium smartwatch that offers a blend of style, functionality, and health tracking features. While it may not be the latest model in Samsung’s lineup, it still provides an excellent user experience and a wide range of capabilities.

In terms of availability and pricing in Pakistan, it is advisable to check with local retailers, online platforms, or Samsung’s official website to get the most up-to-date information. Since the introduction of the Galaxy Watch 4 series, the Galaxy Watch 3 may be less readily available, but it could still be found through various channels.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a compelling choice for individuals seeking a stylish smartwatch with advanced health and fitness tracking features. Its sleek design, rotating bezel, and robust software make it a solid option for those looking to elevate their wearable technology experience.


  1. Stylish design with a rotating bezel.
  2. Comprehensive health and fitness tracking features.
  3. Built-in GPS for accurate location tracking.
  4. ECG and blood oxygen monitoring capabilities.
  5. Available in Bluetooth and LTE variants for connectivity options.


  1. Limited third-party app selection compared to other platforms.
  2. Smaller app ecosystem than competitors like Apple Watch.
  3. Battery life can be shorter with intensive usage.
  4. May not have the latest features introduced in newer models.
  5. Availability may be limited after the introduction of newer models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 launch date in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 launch date in Pakistan is August 5, 2020. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is globally released with 1GB RAM, 4/8GB storage and a mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is available at PriceOye, MegaPK, HomeShopping as well as authorized Samsung retailers.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Specifications

ModelSamsung Galaxy Watch 3
TypeSamsung Smartwatches
Price in PakistanPKR 34,490
Release DateAugust 5, 2020
Display1.4-inch Super AMOLED
Weight43-48.2 GMS
ColoursBlack, Bronze, and Silver
CPUExynos 9110, Dual-core 1.15 GHz (Cortex-A53)
Storage4 / 8 GB
Memory1 GB
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC
Other FeaturesIP68 Water Resistant, ECG, Blood pressure monitor, barometer, gyroscope, GPS
Official WebsiteSamsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Overview

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected and taking care of our health is of utmost importance. That's where the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes in. Combining cutting-edge technology with elegant design, this smartwatch offers a seamless blend of productivity, style, and advanced health monitoring features. Let's explore the remarkable features that make the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 the perfect companion for managing your life and well-being.

Classic and Premium Design

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 stands out with its classic and premium design, offering a choice between two sizes: 45mm and 41mm. Whether you prefer a larger or more compact watch, the Galaxy Watch 3 has got you covered. Its face is adorned with a precision rotating bezel, enabling seamless app navigation and adding a touch of sophistication to your wrist. Available in Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Bronze hues, this watch is designed to complement your style around the clock.

Dignified Design for Comfort Wear

With its bigger display and slimmer profile, the Galaxy Watch 3 ensures a comfortable wearing experience without compromising on visibility. The subtle rotating bezel enhances usability and allows you to focus on what matters most. The watch is approximately 15% lighter and thinner, making it an ideal fit for your wrist. Its slimmed-down frame exudes a sleek and refined look that effortlessly matches your lifestyle.

Premium Quality Leather Strap

The Galaxy Watch 3's design is further elevated with a premium genuine leather strap. Crafted with aged leather, it exudes a natural and timeless appeal. What sets it apart is the strengthened leather on the reverse side, providing excellent protection against discoloration. This attention to detail ensures both durability and style, making the Galaxy Watch 3 a truly premium accessory.

Beauty with Smarts to Match

Complete your Galaxy Watch 3 experience with a wide range of watch faces to choose from. With the largest number of watch faces available, you can customize your smartwatch to match your personal style and preferences. Additionally, the watch faces come with over 40 complications, allowing you to access useful information at a glance. Seamlessly integrate your favorite apps, and make the most of your smartwatch's smart features while maintaining a sleek and stylish look.

Taking Health into Your Hands

The Galaxy Watch 3 goes beyond being a stylish accessory; it's a powerful health monitoring device that empowers you to take control of your well-being.

Blood Oxygen Measurement: Monitoring your blood oxygen levels is made easy with the Galaxy Watch 3. Using red LED and infrared rays, it estimates your SpO2 levels, indicating the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. This feature is essential as oxygen saturation directly impacts your physical performance. By utilizing the Galaxy Watch 3, you can optimize your workouts and push yourself to new limits.

Fall Detection: Explore fearlessly knowing that the Galaxy Watch 3 has your back. Its enhanced accelerometer automatically detects hard falls and promptly sends an SOS message with your location to your emergency contact. This feature ensures that help is just a touch away, providing you with peace of mind during your outdoor adventures or daily activities.

Sleep Score Measurement: Quality sleep is crucial for overall well-being, and the Galaxy Watch 3 helps you improve your sleep habits. By monitoring your REM cycles, deep sleep, and total sleep time, it provides you with a sleep score that helps you understand and enhance the quality of your rest. With educational content and sleep tips integrated into the watch, you can access valuable insights and take proactive steps towards achieving better sleep.

Home Workout Support: Staying fit and active has never been easier with over 120 home workout programs available on the Galaxy Watch 3. Choose from a variety of exercise routines that suit your preferences and let the watch guide you through your workouts. As you exercise, the watch displays your real-time heart rate, and for accurate stats, you can use the Ridge Sport Band. It's like having a personal trainer on your wrist, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Running Analysis: Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting your running journey, the Galaxy Watch 3's running guide is there to support you. It provides valuable tips on the go, helping you improve your form and prevent injuries. The advanced algorithm analyzes your movement, and you can track your daily, weekly, and monthly performance right from your phone. Stay motivated and enhance your running experience with the Galaxy Watch 3.

Smartphone-Level Power at Your Fingertips

The Galaxy Watch 3 offers powerful features that keep you connected and productive throughout the day.

Auto Chat History: Stay in the conversation effortlessly with the Galaxy Watch 3's auto chat history. When you receive a new text message, the watch displays your chat history, allowing you to follow the conversation seamlessly. You can even view images without the need for an extra tap, making it convenient to stay engaged even while you're on a run or busy with your daily activities.

Smart Reply: Replying to messages on the go has never been easier. The Galaxy Watch 3's smart reply feature analyzes the texts and photos you receive and suggests appropriate replies. With support for various categories such as food, celebrations, selfies, and more, you can quickly respond to messages without fumbling for your phone. Stay connected with ease, no matter where you are.

Bitmoji Stickers: Adding fun and creativity to your messages is a breeze with Bitmoji stickers. Personalize your Bitmoji to resemble yourself, and use these expressive stickers to communicate with family and friends in a whole new way. It's a delightful feature that adds a touch of joy to your conversations.

Seamless Integration with Galaxy Apps: The Galaxy Watch 3 seamlessly integrates with a range of Galaxy apps, enhancing your overall experience. Find your phone, view your phone's photos from your watch, or effortlessly switch between devices to control your music and check reminders. With these convenient features right on your wrist, you can stay organized and connected throughout the day.

Leave Your Phone Behind with LTE: Experience the freedom of leaving your phone behind while still staying connected. The Galaxy Watch 3 offers LTE functionality, enabling you to make calls, stream music, and track your steps directly from your watch. Stay connected with life while enjoying the liberation of a phone-free experience.

A Powerful Experience Enhanced with Galaxy Favorites

The Galaxy Watch 3 is part of the extensive Galaxy ecosystem, offering more ways to power up your work and play. By connecting your Galaxy Watch 3 to compatible Galaxy devices through your Samsung Cloud account, you can seamlessly transition from your watch to your Galaxy Note20 or Galaxy Buds Live via Bluetooth. It's a seamless integration that enhances your productivity and enjoyment.

Compatibility with a Range of Devices

The Galaxy Watch 3 is designed to be compatible with various Galaxy and non-Galaxy devices, ensuring a versatile and flexible user experience. Whether you're using an Android device running Android 5.0 (L OS) or higher, with a RAM of 1.5GB or above, or an iPhone 5 and above running iOS 9.0 or above, the Galaxy Watch 3 is ready to connect and enhance your digital life.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is more than just a smartwatch; it's a sophisticated blend of style, functionality, and advanced health monitoring features. With its classic and premium design, precise rotating bezel, and comfortable wear, it seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. From blood oxygen measurement to fall detection, sleep score measurement, home workout programs, and running analysis, the Galaxy Watch 3 empowers you to take control of your health and well-being.

Stay connected and productive with features like auto chat history, smart reply, Bitmoji stickers, and seamless integration with Galaxy apps. You can even leave your phone behind with LTE functionality while still enjoying the benefits of connectivity. With compatibility across a range of devices, the Galaxy Watch 3 ensures a versatile and seamless user experience.

Discover the power of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and elevate your everyday life with a watch that not only tells time but also takes care of your well-being. Embrace the future of smartwatches with the Galaxy Watch 3 and experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and advanced health monitoring technology.


Mobile FAQs

What is the price of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Pakistan 2024 ?

The best price of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Pakistan 2024is PKR 34,490. HomeShopping offers the lowest price of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It is available in Black, Bronze, and and Silver colour.

Where can you buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Pakistan 2024 ?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is available for buy at a variety of online stores and retailers in Pakistan and other counteries including PriceOye, MegaPK, and HomeShopping. The price of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Pakistan varies depending on the retailer and the storage capacity.

What is the launch date of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Pakistan?

The official launch date of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Pakistan is August 5, 2020. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is equipped with 1GB RAM and 4/8GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Price in Pakistan 2024

Product Name Price in Pakistan
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 price in Pakistan whatmobilePKR 35,600

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