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Tecno Mobile Overview

Tecno Mobile offers a wide range of mobile phones with different price tags. The prices of Tecno Mobile phones in Pakistan vary depending on the features and specifications of the phone. The prices are generally lower than the prices of other smartphone brands.

About Tecno Mobiles

Tecno Mobile, founded in 2006, is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer having a primary focus on South Asia and African markets. In 2016, Tecno mobiles launched in India followed by Pakistan in 2017. Tecno Mobile’s primary target is low-class consumers.

Notably, the company upgraded its image sensor application to reflect the skin tone of locals of South East Asia including India and Pakistan as they found that South-East Asians are preferred eating dinner and hanging out late at night.

Are Tecno Mobile Prices Worth the Money?

Some people argue that the prices of Tecno Mobile phones are not worth the money. They claim that the quality of Tecno Mobile phones is not as good as the quality of other brands such as Samsung, Infinix, vivo and Oppo. They also argue that the customer service of Tecno Mobile is not as good as the customer service of other brands.