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Leaked iPhone 16 Pro hints at design changes and a bigger screen

  • Updated: 13 March 2024
  • | Apple

Recent schematics allegedly reveal tweaks to the iPhone 16 Pro's design. The images, obtained by 91mobiles, suggest a slightly modified form factor and confirm a larger screen size.

One intriguing addition is a dedicated "Capture Button" positioned below the power button. Similar to camera shutter buttons, it potentially allows users to focus with a light press and capture the photo with a firmer press.

The leaked schematics also indicate new dimensions for the iPhone 16 Pro, suggesting a slight increase in size to accommodate the rumored 6.3-inch display compared to the previous model's 6.1 inches.

Speculation suggests the larger size might be necessary for a better camera system, possibly incorporating the advanced telephoto lens from last year's iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, this contradicts another leak showcasing a vertical camera layout.

Caution advised: Information may change

With the iPhone 16 series releasing in September, it's crucial to remember that these leaks are subject to change. While they offer possible insights into upcoming features, final details might differ. Nevertheless, the leaks have sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts eager for more information.

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