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Redmi 13 4G Send-offs, Officially Pakistan: Subtleties Inside

  • Updated: 5 June 2024
  • | Xiaomi
Redmi 13 4G Send-offs, Officially Pakistan: Subtleties Inside

Redmi 13 4G Send-offs with Cool Specs

Redmi 13 4G has recently been presented as a feature of their numbered series. We gleaned some useful knowledge about it during its send off yesterday and were very intrigued. The telephone offers a smart mix of financial plan well disposed and premium highlights, revolved around the Helio G91 Ultra chip and a 108MP camera.

Launch in Pakistan

There’s exciting news that the Redmi 13 might be coming to Pakistan. Although there hasn't been a direct announcement, their social media activity suggests that the Redmi 13 4G is on the horizon.

Stunning Display Specs

The display specs are impressive, featuring a 6.79" IPS panel with slim, symmetrical bezels and a smooth 90Hz refresh rate. It also offers a 1080p resolution. The UI is managed by HyperOS firmware.

Hard Performance

The Helio G91 Ultra chip, while not groundbreaking, is a solid performer, essentially a refined version of the Helio G88. The phone supports 6 GB to 8 GB of RAM, with storage options of 128 GB or 256 GB.

Full Power and Camera Features

The power setup includes a 5030 mAh battery with 33W fast charging, a significant upgrade from the Redmi 12’s 18W. Other notable features include the premium 108MP main camera and a 13MP front-facing camera. The Redmi 13 4G starts at €199.99 (~PKR 60,000), and we hope the price in Pakistan will be similar.