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Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Benchmarked with Exynos 2400 Deca-Center SoC and 8GB Slam

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Benchmarked with Exynos 2400 Deca-Center SoC and 8GB Slam

Samsung World S24 FE has an Exynos model. Nobody can deny it now. Geekbench tried that model and shared the outcomes on its data set for finesse. It demonstrates two things. They are dealing with it behind the stage, and it has an Exynos 2400 chip assigned for it. We likewise caught wind of a One UI test work for it in spills. So we have a great deal to discuss, people!

Exynos model means they need to go worldwide with it. We can let you know what that chip does. What's more, Geeknbench will show you how it performs. Exynos 2400 is a Deca-center chip. Ten centers are unbelievable for a versatile SoC. So you can call this one a forward-moving step into what's in store.

Of those ten centers, we can review it has a first class 3.2 GHz alpha center. In any case, Geekbench referenced 3.1 Ghz alpha center here. Is it conceivable that the S24 FE has a modest side project of an Exynos 2400 chip? We aren't certain about that. Up next, there are 2x @ 2.9GHz + 3x @ 2.6GHz groups with 4x @ 2.0GHz centers for effectiveness.

We tracked down one more fascinating thing from Geekbench. What's more, that was affirmation of 8 GB locally available actual Slam. New telephones in 2024 are getting Android 14. Thus will the Samsung most recent lead portable when it discharges in late 2024.

All that equipment config ought to give this S24 FE a powerful presentation knock over the past S23 FE. Geekbench has it down with some incredible experimental outcomes. It scored 2047 focuses when tried on one center. Yet, every one of the ten centers running in equal have a capability of 6289 places.