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The Ultimate Guide to Oppo A54: Specs & Features

  • Published on: 5th April, 2023

Oppo competes with brands such as Redmi, Xiaomi, and Vivo in the mid-range smartphone market. Over the years Oppo has put out many models in this segment of the market, making accessible smartphones that more people can afford. The A54 from Oppo is one such option, it comes in different colors and configurations as well.

Design, Build, and Internals

At 6.5 inches the display is ample for most users, it is also an excellent size to carry with ease. The body is a unibody plastic one, with options for either blue or black which lets one choose the color they like more. The blue version has a mix of hues that play against the light, while the black is more of a smooth but translucent feel.

The camera bump on the rear is slightly raised and is set into a rectangle with rounded edges so it has softer lines. Overall the build quality is decent, as one would expect with a smartphone in this range. The design is simple and sleek, much like 90 percent of the smartphones in the market today.

The Oppo A54 is a tad underpowered compared to the other options in this range of smartphones. Using the MediaTek Helio P35 which is made using the 12nm process, lets you know where the performance stands. The top options are at 5nm, meaning the 12nm is quite dated today.

For the GPU this smartphone has the PowerVR GE8320, which allows for a decent graphic execution level. One could play some games and enjoy media well enough. RAM can be either 4GB or 6GB, with variations in storage as well. The storage options are 64GB or 128GB, letting one choose the amount of space that suits them. In case that falls short, there is also the option to make use of a microSDXC card slot.

Display and Camera

As mentioned before the display is at 6.5. The HD resolution is 720 x 1600p, making your viewing experience good. The display is based on the IPS LCD technology, which is again an older technology so one has a good view but does not get the crispness that is provided by OLED displays. This isn't an issue for most users, but if you really like your gaming or like to watch very high-quality streamed content then this could be limiting.

A standard 60Hz refresh rate means your visuals are smooth enough, but not super sleek. The brightness is also a tad low and leaves one wanting. Again this would be more annoying if one was playing games or watching videos.

The camera specs also let you know that this smartphone is made as something that can handle all functions but is not excelling in its class. With a 13MP main sensor that lets you get decent images, the Oppo A54 won't be capturing any mind-blowing images but should be able to manage well enough. This main sensor is also a 25mm one so it can capture wider shots.

The main sensor is aided by another two, both of which are 2MP ones. One helps with macro shots while the other is used to add depth, for instance in portrait mode. Night shots are not something the Oppo A54 does well, overall the colors a vivid but the details are lacking.

On the front, there is the 16MP selfie camera and is the only sensor so the shooting options are comparatively limited. It does feature HDR so one can add some more to the quality of their selfies. Video on both the front and rear cameras is shot at 1080p with a frame rate of 30fps.

OS and the rest

Running ColorOS 7.2 which is based on Android 10, the Oppo A54 would be faster if there wasn't so much bloatware. The Android layer cannot be updated either. Customization options are few, meaning you are mostly making use of what is already available to you.

The battery is at 5000mAh, meaning you have a good amount of time to use your phone. Charging is handled via an 18W fast charging option, meaning you are at full capacity within 2 hours.

The Oppo A54 has all the needed features for connectivity such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a USB TypeC 2.0 that also functions as a USB On-the-Go port. This feature lets you access some other USB devices similar to how you could with a computer. The lack of NFC means you won't be able to use payment programs that let you tap your smartphone to pay at many locations today.

This smartphone is good for average users or if you are looking for a secondary device dedicated more to calls and such.

At the time of writing, the Oppo A54 is available in Pakistan around the Rs. 60,000 mark, with some variation based on the specs one chooses and also depending on the store you select.