This list of Super AMOLED Display Mobiles in Pakistan covers various smartphones by different brands. The Super AMOLED screens are faster than other displays because they have less time to turn pixels on or off, which means they produce less motion blur when scrolling through pages or playing games.

Super AMOLED Display Mobiles

A Super AMOLED Display Mobile has the ability to display vivid and bright colors. Moreover, it has a faster motion response time than LCD displays. This makes it more suitable for viewing multimedia content such as videos and images. The screen size on these phones is typically bigger than LCD displays which allow users to view content in greater detail.

Moreover, the improved contrast ratio means that images on the screen can be seen more clearly, especially when looking at a screen in direct sunlight. The increased color saturation also makes images look more realistic and vivid.

Here is the updated price list of Super AMOLED Display Mobiles as of February 3, 2023:

Product Name Price in Pakistan Users Rating
Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Rs. 128,500 5/5
Samsung Galaxy A53 Rs. 96,200 5/5
Samsung Galaxy A33 Rs. 78,200 5/5
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Rs. 46,500 5/5
Realme 9 Rs. 64,600 5/5
Samsung Galaxy M53 Rs. 69,800 5/5
Samsung Galaxy A52s Rs. 74,200 5/5
Samsung Galaxy M22 Rs. 36,800 5/5
Samsung Galaxy A22 Rs. 38,600 5/5
Samsung Galaxy A52 Rs. 67,200 5/5